Matters of Style

√ When thinking about style, always remember that your SLCC ePortfolio is intended to be a professional representation of you and your work at the College.

√ Keep your ePortfolio navigation "clean" by adhering to the Gen Ed ePortfolio outline: Welcome, My Goals, General Education, Learning Outside the Classroom, and Resume.

√ Please (please!) proof-read any text that you put in your ePortfolio, including headings, descriptions, assignments, and reflective writing.

√ Remember that this is an electronic portfolio, and not your Myspace or Facebook page.

√ Keep it positive, thoughtful, and professional. Don't use the ePortfolio to criticize your instructor, the course, or your fellow students.

√ Think about your page layout. Make sure it's straightforward and has enough white space so it doesn't look cluttered.

√ Set off your reflection with a "Reflection" heading, and italicize the reflective writing.