Your Privacy

√ Your ePortfolio belongs to you, so you need to decide how much personal information to put into it. You also need to be careful about the people with whom you share your ePortfolio. Obviously, you'll share the ePortfolio with your instructors, your friends and family. Beyond that be judicious when sharing your ePortfolio.

√ You don't have to put your photo in the About Me section of your ePortfolio. Instead you can put in a photo that you've taken--of a vacation spot you like, your pet, your car, etc. 

√ We recommend that you just use your first name in the ePortfolio.

√ You certainly don't want to put your home address or phone number in the ePortfolio.

√ For contact information on your resume, put your email address.

√ When picking your domain name (the name that will go before "") we suggest that you not use your name.

√ If you are concerned about your privacy, make sure you DO NOT optimize your site for search engines. By default your site will not be optimized for search engines. If you DO want to be found easily when people do a search, you'll have to consult the Help Center to find out how to optimize your site for search engines--also known as SEO for Search Engine Optimization.

√ If you are VERY concerned about your privacy, you can password protect specific pages in your Yola ePortfolio. Look in the Yola Help Center for how to do that. Remember, though, that if you password protect pages in your ePortfolio containing coursework, you'll have to share that password with all of your instructors. Therefore, we suggest that you password protect your pages only after your instructors have seen them.