Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Permissions

√ Plagiarism is a violation of SLCC's Student Code of Conduct, so do not put someone else's assignment or reflective writing in your portfolio and claim it as your own. All faculty at SLCC have access to anti-plagiarism software, and the institution takes plagiarism very seriously.

√ Do not put copyrighted material (images, for example) in your ePortfolio unless you have permission from the copyright holder, the material is in the public domain, or unless using the copyrighted material would fall under the fair educational use exemption. Even when you do have permission or the material falls under fair use, you should always reference its creator.

√ Before you include a photo in your ePortfolio in which other students are recognizable, gain their permission to do so. If you'd like to get their permission in writing, use this model release. Note that permission to use their image in your ePortfolio does not give you the right to use it for commercial purposes.